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Mike’s Car Washing Specials Are Here

Take advantage of our amazing deals to keep your car in pristine conditions for longer.
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After having your car washed and detailed, there are other things you can do to make it look great for longer. Car accessories such as exterior covers and interior mats are your best allies.

Accessories that Protect Your Car

Exterior Car Protection

Car Cover

An exterior car cover is a perfect shield against mother nature’s elements. They come in many colors, fabrics, and qualities, and can even be customized. Use this amazing accessory if you do not have suitable indoor storage for your car. Not only will it weatherproof your vehicle but also will keep it clean for longer.

Car Bras

A car bra is installed on the hood over the front of your vehicle. It prevents things such as road grime and even flying bugs from sticking on your bumper hood when driving. This type of protective vinyl or leather avoids dents, dings, scratches, and chipped paint from debris and pebbles that may hit your car on the road. Just clean it to keep your car looking good.

Interior Car Protection

Car Matsmake your car stay clean for longer

Mats are especially useful during the winter time since they help keep road salts and other foreign debris from getting into your car. With this interior car accessory, your floor carpet will be easier to clean as you just have to take the mats out to vacuum and wash them. Plus, there are mats that absorb spills, so you don’t have to worry about getting nasty stains or funky odors.

Car Seat Covers

The good old car seat covers can save the day particularly if you have kids or love to travel with pets. Seat covers are your best ally when it comes to cleanliness. Whenever there is a mess, like pet’s hair all over, simply remove the covers and properly clean them. If you don’t have car seat covers yet, check out how to safely clean your car upholstery here.

car washing packages Westminster

At Mike’s Auto Spa, it is in our best interest to help our customers have a vehicle they can feel proud of. If you need to wash or detail your car, we are the place to go. We offer different washing and detailing packages in Westminster, Colorado.