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How Can A Car Wash Partnership Help Uber Drivers?

If you are an Uber driver and want to increase your customers, here is how a car wash partnership with Mike’s Auto Spa can help you obtain more riders and keep the ones you already have.

Help Gain More Stars

clean uber driver carNo one can argue about a good-looking car. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle makes it look beautiful for longer. And as an Uber driver, this should be a priority because customers love that and will be more prone to giving you good ratings. Getting your car cleaned at least bi-weekly, will enhance the experience of your riders.

Increase Chances of Earning Extra Tips

After leaving the customer at his or her destination, they have the option to add a tip to the Uber app. Since 100 percent of the tips go to you, the driver, there is no doubt that you will want to earn that extra money. At Mike’s Auto Spa, we can help you with that. Take the time to head to our car wash spa in Westminster, Colorado, for a good cleaning. Your car will benefit from our detailing packages specially designed for Uber drivers!

Investment in Your Carcar wash deals colorado

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your vehicle is an investment in the quality and life of your precious possession. Plus, no one wants to drive in a filthy car. When you wash it often, inside and outside, you are also maintaining its resale value. Your vehicle will last longer and look better, allowing you to continue driving for Uber, earning an income through these apps in 2019 and more years to come.

If you are a ridesharing driver, an unlimited monthly car wash deal with Mike’s Auto Spa is your best bet. We offer a strategic partnership with Uber drivers in Colorado. Visit our website to learn more about our car wash deals and services.