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Debunking Myths About Car Waxing

Many of the well-known facts about car waxing are valuable pieces of information that have passed from generation to generation, but a lot of this knowledge are relics from a time long gone when automotive clear coats and paints were very different from what they are today. Below, we’ll review the most commonly held misconceptions to see if they are facts or myths. Some might even surprise you!

Myth 1: You Can Over-Wax Your Car

When the wax is applied correctly, it protects the quality and looks of your vehicle’s paint job. All you need to do is avoid scouring agents, abrasives, or chemical cleaners. Waxing your precious ride at regular intervals will never cause a problem.

Myth 2: Too Much Waxing, Equals Wax Build Up

Wax build-up is a sign that you are doing it wrong. Proper waxing application and removal will never leave any lingering wax in the seams and crevices.

Myth 3: A Brand New Car Doesn’t Need to Be Waxed

The clear coat on your new vehicle is an unpigmented paint coating applied at the factory. This transparent layer protects the paint. However, your car’s exterior still has no form of protection. Brand new vehicles need to be waxed as part of ongoing paint maintenance.

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Myth 4: You Only Need to Wax Your Car Once a Year

Waxing protects and preserves your vehicle from harsh elements, which in turn, increases resale value at trade-in time, and it is easier to clean between waxes. We recommend waxing four times a year, or every three months, as suggested by specialists.

Myth 5: Waxing Eliminates Swirl Marks

Unfortunately, swirl marks are in fact paint damage and need to be polished away to be removed. It’s tough to remove swirl marks with a hand wax on clear coat finishes, so a car polisher is required. In the past, you could wax a vehicle with a good cleaner wax and the polishing substances in the product would also clean, polish, and protect it at the same time. However, this method no longer works on today’s clear coat finishes. In fact, some of the older cleaner wax products can actually scour the coat.

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