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Car Detailing Vs. Car Washing

Ever wonder what the difference between a car detailing and a car wash service is? Look no further, Mike’s Auto Spa offers both services and here is how to determine which is best for you.

Car Detailing

When you are looking for detailing services, you will come across three types: full-auto detailing, interior car detailing, and exterior car detailing. Here is what is included in a full service:

A professional detailer will work the interior of your car. This involves vacuuming every spot. Once it is free of dirt, dust, and debris, the plastic elements will be cleaned with a unique product and then wiped with a soft towel. Next, a conditioner is applied to protect those parts from the harmful effects of sunrays. For windows, mirrors, and windshields, a glass cleaner will leave them crystal detailing

The engine bay is next. An expert car detailer will inspect, degrease, clean, and then dry carefully. They will also apply conditioner specially designed for car engines, followed by waxing of the painted parts.

Finally, it’s the turn of the vehicle’s exterior. With the help of automotive towels, your precious possession will be rinsed and wiped to remove foreign particles. You can request to have your car buffed, which may extend the service hours. At last, your ride is given a good polish. Lastly, a tire dressing will make your tires shine.

We recommend detailing your car at least three times a year.

Car Washing

car washingCar washing has various options. You can either get a hand wash, automatic or touchless. However, washing is a part of detailing. This means that it won’t be thoroughly detailed on the inside, neither the engine bay. With a car wash, your vehicle will look clean at least on the surface. You can opt for a car wash when you need a quick clean, or when road grime is building up. A car wash will also help when there is pollen everywhere. Getting your car regularly washed will prevent damages from road grime, pollen, and other pollutants that can wreak havoc on the paint job.

Whether it is a car wash or thorough detailing services you need, Mike’s Auto Spa can help. We offer the best car detailing & washing packages in the area. Call us at  303-460-3866 today!full-auto detailing colorado

Never drive a dirty car again!