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How to Care for Bumpers, Chrome Wheels, and Chrome Rims?

Usually, the chrome objects of your car are exposed to the elements like grease, grime, mud, and other contaminants that will quickly make them look dirty and dull. That is why this durable metal needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here we show you how to properly maintain that added shine and sparkle of your cars chrome parts.

Soap and Water

The first approach is to use soap and water. Mix in a bucket hot water and soap. A regular non-abrasive soap will do the trick. Always check the label of the product to find out the ingredients and which applications you can use. Next, with the help of a soft cloth or a sponge, rub the chrome in a circular motion. Gently workaround the whole surface. Dry with a clean cloth.

Alternative Cleaners

cleaning car chrome partsBecause chrome can come off when being cleaned with heavy cleaner solutions, you need to use the lightest available such as baby oil, Cola, ethanol or rubbing oil, or lemon and baking soda. Grab a clean hand towel and dab the edge into the cleaning solution. Always use circular motions and make sure to not rub hard to avoid damaging the chrome. Rinse and dry the chrome once you’re finished cleaning it.

Polishing Chrome

To make your chrome even shinier use polishing products that are designed to leave it smooth and shiny. Apply this polisher to a new towel and scrub it in using a circular motion. Here are the best chrome polishers according to professional car detailers:

  • Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish
  • 3M 39527 Chrome and Metal Polish
  • Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish
  • Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner
  • Mothers 05212 California Gold Chrome

Now you know how to clean and polish chrome like the pros.

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