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With the Proper Care and Tools, Your Elegant Black Ride Will Stay as Shiny as Its First Day

No matter the brand or model, a shiny black car is always beautiful to watch as it radiates elegance, prestige, and even power. It is not a coincidence that it is the preferred color for high-ranking official government vehicles and diplomatic staff, not to mention the luxury cars of millionaires and billionaires alike.

However, for all that beauty, there’s a small catch. Keeping a black car shining and scratch-free is a task that requires serious commitment and attention to detail. It’s not that they scratch easier than any other color; it is the fact that however tiny the scratch may be, it is significantly more noticeable on them.

Car Waxing

One of the most common ways for black cars to get scratched is, ironically, when they are being washed! If all the dirt and grime is not removed from the body’s surface first, then surely the paint will end up becoming dull and weathered looking after a while. This is bad not only because of aesthetic purposes, but because a scratched and worn surface will reduce the resell value of the vehicle, and could even lead to rusting, depending on the severity and deepness of the damage.

Washing Your Black Vehicle at a Professional Car Wash in Denver

At Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, we have trained staff that is prepared to handle and care for any vehicle that comes into our full-service car wash shop, including those with dark colors. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to leave your black car as shiny and spot-free as it deserves!

To accomplish the high-quality results our customers enjoy, we use a hybrid washing process that removes all harsh abrasive material found on your vehicle body surfaces first by using high-pressured water, removing all dirt and grime from your vehicle before it enters the car wash tunnel.

Car Wash Alternatives

Ask us about the best products to use for cleaning and polishing your vehicle to keep it sparkling inside and out year round!