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Tricks to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Even in your own garage, your car is not safe from dents, dings, or scratches. Follow these tips to keep your car in good condition and avoid unwanted repairs.

Declutter Your Garage

A common cause of car dings is unnecessary bulk items, including children’s toys, recreational equipment, household items, and yard tools found in the garage. You can declutter it to allow more parking space.

Be Carefultips to avoid dinging your car

Storing multiple vehicles in the garage is another common way of dinging your car, especially in narrow spaces. During the parking process, the short distance between vehicles augments the risk of one car denting another. Park carefully using your side mirrors to determine how much space you have on any given side. Furthermore, if you have a small garage, be extra careful as you enter and exit the space.

Also, whenever in a garage or even in a parking lot, be careful when getting out of the car. This will prevent you dinging not only your car but other people’s vehicles in public or parking lots.

Buy a Car Door Protector

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and no matter how extra-cautious you are when storing your vehicle in the garage, it will still likely be prone to damage. Car door protectors are vehicle accessories made of high impact foam to absorb car door bumps.

Get an I-Protect System

You can also purchase an I-Protect System that allows you to temporarily stop the door before it can make contact with an object.

All in all, a well-organized garage combined with precaution will reduce the risk of denting your precious possession in your garage.

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