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Want That New Smell in Your Car Again?

automotive detailing Denver

When you buy a car, there’s nothing better than that new smell, is there? Everything is clean and shiny, and you fantasize about not having to let anyone else in your new ride so that it doesn’t get dirty, let alone touch it, or even worse, drive it! We know, we know…and we feel you! That’s why at our full-service car wash shops in Denver, we do everything in our power to provide the best car washing experience you’ll ever have.

We understand our customers’ needs, especially the needs of those die-hard car fans that think of their vehicle like family, so we offer professional detailing services that are tailored to fit your vehicle’s needs as well as your budget.

Our specially trained staff performs all of our work, and we only use the best products from Meguiars, so you can be sure that your car will leave our shop looking as new again!

professional car detailing in Denver

Car-Wash Club Memberships and Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we offer different service packages so you can choose the best option depending on what your vehicle needs each time, plus Club Memberships for the best value, annual savings, and preferred customer status with zero wait times at the line!

Also, when you leave our facilities, you must be 100% satisfied with the work done or we’ll re-wash your car for FREE! We also offer rain checks for purchases of $9 and above, so if within 48 hours after leaving our shop it rains or snows, you can come back for a free vehicle re-wash.

If you haven’t tried our services yet, we encourage you to schedule your next car wash at our one-stop car wash shops in Lakewood or Westminster to experience the difference in customer attention and quality car cleaning services!