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How to Protect Your Car Exterior from the Damaging Effects of Sun and Heat?

In a previous blog, we have gone over some tricks to protect your ride’s interior from the overbearing sun of summer. Today, we will see how to protect the paint job of your ride.

Wash and Dry it Frequently

Washing your car regularly will eliminate the impurities that may build up over time and damage your car paint job. After you are done with the washing process, make sure to hand-dry the exterior with the help of cotton rag. Employ circular motions, little by little until your car is completely dried. In this way, you will avoid damages not only from the heat but from the natural-occurring minerals left by water and other chemical residues that may linger after washing your car.automotive cleaning services

Wax Your Ride

Waxing your car will not only make it look good, but it will form a layer over the car paint that shields it against the UV rays. Whether you do it at home or you visit detailing company, make sure to apply a quality wax.

Polish Your Car

When you expose your car to the elements, the paint gets worn little by little. You will want to reduce the damaging effects to keep it looking great for longer. Polishing your car is one of the secrets to maintaining your car paint intact.

Use a Car Cover

A car cover is the most effective physical barrier against the sun rays and other external elements. There are lots of car covers. The most popular ones include Dustop® Block-It®-Indoor Only Covers, Fleeced Satin Covers, Form-Fit-Indoor Only Covers, Flannel-Indoor Only Covers, Evolution® Block-It Covers, among many cover

If you decide to use a car cover, make sure your car is not wet and never keep the cover on for more than a week.

To give maximum protection to your car, bring it to Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, Colorado. Our professional car detailers will wash it, dry it correctly, and apply products that will protect the integrity of your car. Please visit our website to learn about our automotive cleaning services.