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Protecting Your Dashboard and Car Interior from the Sun

When summer is here, we all try to keep cool, so we turn on the A/C unit and try to keep a stock of refreshments and all kinds of drinks in our fridge. Well, your car should be no exception. In this blog, our expert detailers will share with you three hacks so you can make sure the sun rays and heat have a less punishing effect on the interior of your car.

Block the Sun

sun shadesOne of the most effective ways of reducing the damage caused by excessive heat is by blocking the rays from getting in. For this matter, there are several products that work perfectly. A sunshade will create a barrier impeding the sun rays to reach your dashboard and other internal parts of your car. Seat covers will perfectly shield your upholstery. You can also tint the windows for extra protection.

Take Advantage of Chemistry

You can also provide extra protection by purchasing a product specially formulated to block the sun rays from reaching your dashboard. Just remember to get one appropriate to the material of your dashboard. The product contains chemicals that leave a barrier and stops the sun rays from penetrating the surfaces too deeply.

Keep Your Car Cool

detailing packagesThe simpler way of helping your car survive the hottest days of the year is by keeping it away from the sun. Park in the shade, and, if you can, leave the windows opened.

Now that you know how to diminish the damaging effects of the heat inside your car check out our next blog with tips on how to protect the exterior surfaces.

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