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How to Protect Car Leather Seats in Winter?

Protecting the interior of your car is as important as protecting it on the outside. Especially during winter, when cold winter air, ice, moisture, snow, slush, road salt, among other hazards that can get into your car. That is why you need to prepare your leather upholstery for the winter.

Leather Care During Winter

To avoid cold winter air and elements causing cracks and drying out your seats, apply a conditioner specially formulated for leather.

Remove Contaminants

First, vacuum all contaminants from the seats. To perform this task, use an attachment with soft bristles, then get down in the cracks to loosen the foreign particles without scratching your leather interior.

Cleaning the Leather Seats

prepare your leather upholstery for the winterClean your leather seats with a damp towel. You can also spray a microfiber towel with a professional-grade leather cleaner and wipe the seats down gently.

Products like harsh soaps or cheap leather cleaners that contain petroleum solvents, glossing agents, or silicone oils will damage your leather upholstery in the long run. Avoid them at all cost.

Condition Your Leather Car Seats

Leather Care During WinterBuy a high-quality leather conditioner like CQuartz Leather, Venetian Imperial BalmTriNova Premium, Saphir Renovateur, or Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner, and an applicator. Spread the product evenly over the applicator and start working around the leather surfaces. A water-based, pH-balanced product is the best way to go. Now your seat has a nice, natural glossy look, and it is also protected.

If you need help to keep your leather interior clean in winter, bring your car to Mike’s Auto Spa. To prevent anything from staining and ruining the quality of your leather seats, our expert detailers will use high-quality products to clean and protect them. Visit our shop in Westminster, CO; we will make sure your car thrives through the winter intact.