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3 Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Vehicle’s Finish

Winters in Colorado bring freezing temperatures and a few heavy snowfalls, even down in Denver. So, it is vital for any Coloradan to know how to protect a car from the winter elements, especially if it is parked outdoors. Today, we give you three tips to remove snow, ice, and road salts safely and efficiently:

1) Removing Snow

Road salts can damage your car

It is critical that you practice proper snow removal to prevent vehicle paint damage. Try not to use a shovel, because even if you are careful, it is quite easy to pass it close to the surface and risk scratching it. Instead, there are products on the market that have foam heads that will effectively remove snow without the risk of damaging the vehicle’s paint and finish. 

2) Scraping Ice Safely

First, avoid pouring hot water at all costs to try melting the ice off the car and windows. As logical as this may seem, the glass can shatter if you are introducing boiling water to a frozen window. Also, don’t use an ice scraper on the car’s body, as the hard plastic is designed to scrape ice off your windows only and this piece can actually cause damage to vehicle paint. 

Instead, you can try the following solutions:

  • Spraying a mixture of three parts white vinegar with one part water on your windshield will prevent the ice from forming overnight.
  • To defrost your wiper blades and the ice on the glass surface, you can spray a solution of two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water, so the ice melts via a chemical reaction that lowers the water’s freezing point.
  • Covering your side mirrors with a plastic bag overnight will prevent ice from forming on them.

3) Removing Road Salts

As handy as they are for melting the ice on the streets, road salts pose a serious threat to the health of your vehicle’s frame and underbody systems if they are not frequently washed away. It’s important to use a particular washing program designed to remove them from the undercarriage first, so the attached remnants don’t scratch the paint when the cloths or straps scrub the surface.

snow tires for Colorado winter

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