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What’s the Difference Between Windshield Covers and Car Sun Shades­?

Both car protective accessories are made to protect your car from the elements, but one keeps your windshield from freezing, while the other prevents your dash from cracking and fading.

When deciding whether to buy a windshield cover or sun shades, it is key to consider the type of climate you live in and what kind of protection you would like for your car.

The Benefits of Car Sun ShadesCar Sun Shades

Car sun shades are designed to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays and harsh heat from ruining your vehicle’s interior. An unprotected dash will be more likely to crack, warp, and fade due to frequent exposure to these rays. Also, your car’s upholstery will suffer. When you cover up your vehicle’s interior with this car extra, your dash gets the protection it needs, and your cabin also stays cooler.

The Benefits of Windshield Covers

Windshield CoversA windshield snow cover protects your windshield from freezing over in the middle of winter. This type of cover is designed to withstand sleet, wind, snow, and ice. Furthermore, they can help cut down on defrost time. Rather than scraping off pieces of ice from your windshield, you can enjoy the warmth of your car’s interior instead and get your morning started quicker.

Maintaining your car’s windshield and dashboard in good condition is key to preserving that new look on your car. To achieve this, we always recommend for our customers to employ both external and internal protective methods.

Now that you know the difference between these two useful car protective accessories, picking one should be easy.

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