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How to Wash the Exterior Surfaces of Your RV

Whether you are just getting your RV ready for the road or storage, it is important to get it ready for the future. Here are some tips from Mike’s Auto Spa’s car wash experts to properly take care of your vehicle.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Never wash your RV when the sun is most powerful. Doing so will cause water drops to quickly evaporate, leaving behind those horrible water spots. Start washing your Recreational Vehicle before the sun sets completely so you can have plenty of light to work while preventing spots on your vehicle. You can also do the job in a shaded area.

Washing the Exterior Panels

This is especially important if you want to avoid rusting that comes if dust, dirt, and water stay long enough on your vehicle. You should know, thou, that RVs usually come with three primary exterior materials: metal, painted metal, and fiberglass. Here is how you clean them:

Metal Surfaces

Aluminum and stainless-steel bodies are common on older RVs and trailers. Pre-wash metal surfaces to remove most of the dust, grime and grit. Then continue by cleaning it with non-abrasive cleaners and soft-bristled brushes and mitts.

Painted Metal Bodies

These surfaces can be cleaned using standard car wash cleaners. Always use soft-bristled brushes and try to avoid pressure washers as it may pull off the paint. And, as with any other car, never use dish soap or baby soap to wash the exterior panels of your RV.

Fiberglass Bodies

Commonly found in modern RVs. Use a wash-and-wax solution which will clean your precious machine and protect it for whatever lies ahead.

car wash expertsRecreation vehicle care is as important as regular car care. And, because these unique vehicles are built with a combination of materials and surfaces, it is critical you follow the above recommendations. In case you have any doubts, call Mike’s Auto Spa staff for expert car washing advice at 303-460-3866. Check out our car wash and detailing packages here.