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Keep Your Car Smelling Good

The cigarette smoke is deeply absorbed by the fabrics of your car, making it tough to remove its smell. Also, seats, mats, and other soft, interior components hold cigarette particles, which worsen the bad odor. Worry not! We got you covered. In this post, we will show you how to achieve a fresh-smelling car interior.

Remove the Source

Any cigarette ashes and butts litter out! Another item that traps smoky smells is the cabin air filter, so you can consider replacing it for achieving better results. Everything needs to be cleaned, the ashtrays, cup holders, and floors.

Vacuuming and Shampooing

Give your car a thorough detailing. Before cleaning the interior, vacuum every corner of your vehicle. Then, after that, you are ready to wipe down all the surfaces with cleaner products. Don’t forget to clean the headliner as well.

Remove all floor mats from your car and do the same.

Interior Car Detailing

Steam Cleaning

One of the most efficient methods to get rid of the smoke smell from the upholstery is steam cleaning. We recommend using an odor remover that contains an enzyme. This enzyme will break down the chemicals that are causing the smell.

Use Air Fresheners

After you have cleaned and vacuumed out the car, take the extra step: use odor eliminators. Placed dryer sheets under the seats to subtly deodorized your car interiors. Also, consider putting a bowl of coffee grounds or citrus peels in your car.

Further Cleaning

If you find that after following all the suggestions the odor remains, or if you want to save time and avoid all the hassles of cleaning your vehicle, you can take it to a professional car wash company like Mike’s Auto Spa.

Eliminate Bad Car Smell

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