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Road Paint Removal

If paint from traffic lines has gotten on your vehicle, worry not! We have put together useful tips to help you get rid of those nasty paint splatters.

Get Paint Splatters Off Your Car Safely

Fresh paint

If the road paint has been on the car for less than one day, you can apply WD-40 to it and then wash it in a pressure car wash. However, if the paint has been there for a long time – let’s say two days or so – you have to employ Vaseline before washing.

Paint Stuck to Non-Painted Plastic

Whether the plastic is textured or smooth, the paint will eventually loosen up due to expansion & contraction, oxidation, outgassing of the plastic. In other words, it will eventually come off. Applied liberally, M40 Vinyl/Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner can weaken the bond. You can also apply water pressure.

Finally, if the paint-blob is stuck to vehicle’s paint, the paint-blob is thick, and nothing in the chemical realm works, use a plastic razor blade to push against the paint-blob with the help of M40.

More Tips to Remove Paint Splatter from Your CarTips to Remove Paint Splatter from Your Car

  1. Remove loose contamination.
  2. Wax the affected surface with the hardest wax you can find.
  3. Let haze, then wipe off excess residue.
  4. Use a new razor blade. Fine-hone the blade by rubbing the blade-edge across some rough leather.

Next, carefully push the blade against the paint-blob, doing your best to avoid gouging the car paint.

The wax coat is a shield and will allow the razor to ride upon it. From time to time, you will notice the wax being scraped away. If that is the case, re-apply and repeat the process.

Note: Do not scrub the finish with a solvent or scouring cleanser, as this will damage the finish.

Highway road paint splatter can be permanent. The yellow or white splatter is most of the times difficult to remove without harming the vehicle’s paint. Bring your vehicle to the best car wash company in Westminster. At Mike’s Auto Spa, we can take road paint off the exterior, including wheel wells, hassle-free. Call us at 303-460-3866 to see how we can help.