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How to Remove Brake Dust from Your Car Wheels?

The brake rotor wears away the brake lining producing brake dust. That fine powder residue built-up and forms gummy deposits on your car wheels and are highly corrosive. If you let the brake dust sit for a long time on the cranny and nook of the wheel, it will pit the metal. For this reason, it is essential to remove it as soon as possible. Here is an easy guide to help you remove brake dust from your car wheels.

Cleaning Your Car Wheels

Most of the times a gentle car wash soap and water is all you need. Take advantage of this time to wash the whole car. To avoid spreading brake dust all over the car, do the wheels last.

Selecting the Right Wheel Cleaner

remove brake dust from your car wheelsHighly acidic cleaning products are not recommended because they can ruin the finish on your wheels. To pick the right cleaner, you need to know what type of wheels your car has. There are anodized or polished wheels, and aluminum, clear-coated wheels. To play it safe, use a “clear coat safe” product. Always check the label of the cleaner or ask for guidance at the automotive store. Also, before applying a product, try it in an out of the way spot first to make sure it’s safe.

Wax Them!

Wax is a shield when it comes to cars. A layer of this amazing product will help protect the shine and give the brake dust a nice area to settle into, rather than on the surface of your beautiful wheels. Plus, the next time you wash them, these foreign particles will loosen much easier from the wheels. Apply the wax again after each wash to extend the protection.

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