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Removing Water Spots on Mirrors

If you notice water stains on your mirrors after a rainy day, worry not! This is a normal consequence of water drying on your mirrors. White lines and deposits of rain droplets on your car glass surfaces contain minerals and microscopic debris, or particle pollutants that can be easily eliminated once you spot them out. Don’t wait too long to remove them, otherwise, they will be more difficult to eliminate. With that being said, here is how you keep the watermarks off your mirrors:


  • Bucket
  • Clean water and white vinegar
  • A soft, clean cloth or a sponge

Make the Cleaning Solution

Use one-part water and pour it into a bucket, then add two parts white vinegar. Mix them to homogenize the solution.

wash your carPrepare the Cloth or Sponge for Action

Dip the soft, clean cloth or sponge in the bucket, and apply a copious amount of the solution on the stains. Let the cleaning solution sit for six minutes. After the vinegar has loosened the foreign particles, start rubbing the stains, gently, until you see it disappear. Repeat the process if necessary.

Removing the Cleaning Solution

You can use a garden hose or fill the bucket with plain water, and clean the mirror with a soft, clean cloth soaked in water.

Finally, dry the mirrors completely with a clean, lint-free cloth. Don’t let it dry in the sun as the stains may reappear.

Mirror Cleaning Additional Tips

  • Always wash your car in the shade.
  • Avoid applying multipurpose cleaner and household detergent.
  • Never use newspaper or paper towels whether to wipe or dry the mirrors.

With the above recommendations, you should be able to keep your glass surfaces clean and sparkling all year-round.

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