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What Do You Need in a Car Cleaning Kit?

To keep a car in perfect condition all year long, every car owner must have their own assortment of vehicle cleaning accessories. But, what do you need in a car cleaning kit? We have put together a list of things you need to care for your vehicle at every stage of the process.


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To soften the dirt and the surface of the paintwork and wheels, your kit should have a pressure washer or hose, high-pressure foam lance, and pre-wash foam.


Two five-gallon buckets along with a microfiber mitt and a quality car shampoo are all you need. Avoid cheap car shampoos which contain some ingredients that can strip wax and discolor trim.


For a perfect dry, use a reasonably large, soft, clean microfiber towel to lift on and off the car panels, soaking up the excess water. An air blower would be ideal to remove excess water from hard-to-reach places, around badges, wing mirrors, and body trim. Stay away from traditional chamois leathers as they will easily scratch your car paint.


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For a stunning finish to your car, buy a good quality car polish and a microfiber towel for the application.


Select the best wax you can afford for your type of paint finish (both paint type and color). The application tools vary depending upon wax or sealant you select. Discuss it with your supplier. Finally, use a large soft microfiber towel to buff off the dried wax so you can easily keep turning the towel to a fresh face.

The bottom line is to decide how you would like to wash your vehicle. Then, select the appropriate tools for each stage and draw up your list of ideal car kit items from there!

Not sure what are the best car cleaning tools for you? Contact Mike’s Auto Spa car cleaning experts. Or, pay us a visit to get your car cleaned scratch-free in Colorado.