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Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Car’s Rims

You have to pay attention to details when cleaning your car on the inside. Every part of the car involves proper cleaning methods, and the rims are no exception. Here is what needs to be avoided when cleaning the rims of your vehicle.

Cleaning the Rims First

If you clean the wheels before washing the rest of the car, you will be fighting gravity – and gravity always wins! When washing the rest of the vehicle, all the contaminants you rinse off will end up right back on your clean rims, so there’s no need to pull double duty.

Not Controlling the Amount of Watercar wash services in Westminster

It takes more than spraying your water directly on your car at full blast to get rid of all the dirt. You have to use the right amount of water. If there’s not enough, the soap cannot work as it should. Too much of it, and you will wash all the soap away before it can loosen and break up all the contaminants.

Get a sprayer head on your hose that has multiple settings, such as flat, mist, and spray. This will allow you to fine-tune how the water gets to your precious possession, and will be surprised by the results!

Rubbing the Towels Hard on the Paint

Don’t, as you will get annoying streaks. Let microfiber towels do their job when drying your car. These products are made to absorb liquids, so rubbing and scrubbing is not necessary. Just lay a clean, dry micro towel and gently drag it across the surface of your car to remove the remaining water. Repeat the process until the car is completely dry. You will probably need several towels to do this properly.

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