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How to Safely Transport Your Christmas Tree on Your Car Roof?

You picked up the best Christmas tree ever, and now it is time to put in on your car rooftop. But, do you know how to transport it safely? Here are a few tips that will help you bring your tree home without damaging your vehicle.

Wrap Up the Tree

Wrap it up in netting or use a tarp or a blanket. That will not only protect your car from getting scratches, but it will make it more manageable. The trunk of the tree should always point toward the front end of the vehicle.

car detailing tipsCover the Roof

Place a plastic sheet, blanket, or tarp between the tree and the roof rack to protect the paint from scratches.

Secure It

Tie it down with a rope or bungee cords, to the roof rack or the cargo hooks.

Final Step

Before you leave the lot double check that the tree is secured. Put a flag at the end of the tree if it is longer than your car. Don’t forget to drive slowly!

How to Get Tree Sap Off Your Car?

How to How to Get Tree Sap Off Your Car

If you spot drops of tree sap on the paint of your car, remove it as soon as possible. Leaving it too long on the surface of your vehicle will discolor or stain the paint. Here is how to remove tree sap from your car quickly.

If the sap has not yet hardened, pour 10 drops of tar & bug remover on a clean microfiber towel. You can also use rubbing alcohol. Place the cloth on top of the sap and let it do its job for 1 minute. Rub the area gently until there is no more sap left. Repeat this as many times as required. Finally, use a glass cleaner to remove sap from the windows.

Stay tuned for more car detailing tips.

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