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How to Eliminate Cigarette Smell from Your Car?

If you have bought a used car and the previous owner smoked, you should already know that the car has a smoky smell lingering around. The fabrics inside the vehicle deeply absorb the smoke, which is difficult to remove. But, worry not! Everything has a solution, and removing the cigarette smell from your vehicle is not an exception. Here is how you can get rid of that nasty smell.

Eliminate the Sources

Ashes and butts are the number one things you have to take out of your car. Check the ashtrays, cup holders, and floors, and clean them up!

Don’t forget to replace your cabin air filter that may have trapped smoky smells over time.

Detail the Car Interior

removing the cigarette smell from your vehicle

As always, a good car detailing starts with decluttering and vacuuming. Take out everything that does not belong in the car and then vacuum every corner of your vehicle. Continue by wiping down all the surfaces, including the headliners, with homemade cleaners. Don’t forget to remove all floor mats from your car and do the same.

Steam Clean

If possible, use a steam cleaner in combination with an odor remover that contains an enzyme for better results. The enzyme will disintegrate the substances that are producing the smell.

Put In an Air Freshener

After you have finished detailing the interior of your car, you can take advantage of air fresheners. You can buy them at the closest automotive store or make your own at home.

Take Your Car to Professional Detailers

If you do not have time for detail and deodorizing your car or the above tips did not make the odor go away, you can visit the professional car detailers from Mike’s Auto Spa in Colorado. Please visit our website to check out our amazing detailing packages.