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How to Prevent Car Clear Coat Peeling?

Natural elements and car washing & detailing mistakes cause car clear coat peeling prematurely. This will make your car look dull and ultimately damage the car body due to exposure, costing you a significant amount of money to repair. That is why it is very important to take care of your car. Today, Mike’s Auto Spa experts share the secrets to preserve your cars look for longer.

Be Cautious with Automated Car Washes

Before taking your car into an automated carwash, do your homework. Do a research on google and check out different auto washes online; look out for customers reviews. The main idea is to learn what type of tools and products a business use to wash and detail your car. Just keep this in mind, stay away from abrasive brushes that will scratch and put ugly swirls on your cars finish. Instead, you can opt for an eco-friendly car wash or a brushless car wash method like those offered by Mike’s Auto Spa.

Use the Correct Products

By all means, avoid using detergents, abrasive soaps or other household cleaning solutions since they are formulated with chemicals that are highly harmful to the clear coat.

For the exterior, interior cleaning and dusting, use microfiber towels. Also, use different clean clothes for dry wiping rather than using the same wet cloth which will leave swirl marks on your car, or even can scratch the paint.

Remove Contaminants as Soon as You Can

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Contaminants build-up on different areas of the car, and the exposure to fuel or oil spills, bird droppings, tree sap, road salts, among many others, is inevitable. Wipe them out as soon as you can to avoid damages to your car paint job.

Get Your Car Detailed Occasionally

A professional detailing of your car ensures it will look brand new while having peace of mind that the job will be done right. The detailing will eliminate minor scratches and blur the bigger ones as well. And, don’t worry about the price! At Mikes Auto Spa, we offer the best car detailing packages for any budget.

Schedule an appointment with Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, Colorado to have your car cleaned the right way!

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