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How to Shampoo the Carpets in Your Vehicle?

Keeping the interior of any vehicle clean is just as important as having its exterior well-maintained. You spend lots of time inside your car whenever driving, and it’s good for your health to keep the interior of your vehicle clean. Here we show you how to shampoo the carpets in your vehicle like a professional car detailer.

Prepare Your Car for Shampooing

Before you start the process, remove any debris and objects that don’t belong in the car. Next, use a vacuum to remove large particles from the carpet and upholstery.

Cleaning the Carpet

You will need a spray-on carpet shampoo, a stiff bristle brush, and a carpet stain remover solution.

shampooing your car

Stubborn stains like oil will not go away with simple carpet shampoo. Apply a carpet stain remover before shampooing the carpet. Dab or spray the stain, until you cover it completely. Let it sit for 10 minutes before washing. In the meantime, jump to the next step and start cleaning your car floor mats.

Remove the Floor Mats

Clean the mats separately from the rest of the carpet. Depending on the material of your mats, spray the cleaner of your preference or carpet shampoo on them. Scrub them with the brush, rinse, and let the mats dry. Don’t put them back in the car until you finish the whole process.

Apply Spray to the Carpet

As you work, spray the product of your choice along each area of the carpet. Scrub the shampoo into the carpet with your brush and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Avoid soaking the carpet as it can cause mildew. Remove excess moisture by strongly pressing a towel along the carpet. Then, open the windows and doors to allow the carpet to air dry.

Stay tuned for more details on how to shampoo your car upholstery.

Shampooing your carpets in your car will help you eliminate stains, bad odors, and foreign particles that ordinary vacuuming or sweeping cannot remove. If after following the above steps you still see stains or lingering odors, you can bring your car to Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, CO.