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Protecting Your Car’s Paint

When we drive, we expose our vehicles to the elements. Things like bird droppings, bug splatter, mud, road salts, stone chips, sun rays, snow, rain, tree sap, and other external elements are constantly in contact with the surface of your car. If left unattended, these things can damage the paint of your car. This is why it is important to shield the paint job of your car. Here is a list of actions you can take to protect it.

Polish Your Vehicle

Car PolishA car polish is what you use before waxing your car. It’s abrasive enough to remove fine layers on the surface to flatten it out without damaging the paint. You can use it to remove dirt, caked-on grease, and even scratches, and frequently comes with a solvent that allows you to match the paint as you polish your car.

Use a Paint Sealant

This product is formulated to shield the body of your car against the moisture, pollution, and the sun. The synthetic ingredients seal better and last longer than traditional carnauba-based waxes. Even though the outcome is less shiny than what a standard wax provides, you would not have to reapply it every week, unlike its counterpart the carnauba wax.

Wax It

Apply a high-quality car wax. This product refers to a liquid or paste application that seals the car exterior against harmful UV rays, moisture, and pollution in the air. It fills in any imperfection which may be present in the paintwork, thus making it look glossy and shiny. It is an easy product to apply and to wash off.

More Tips to Protect Your Car Paint

  • Use a car cover.
  • Don’t forget to wash regularly.
  • Wash or dry car in a shaded area.
  • Avoid parking beneath a tree for long.
  • Avoid using dirty wash accessories.
  • Stay away from abrasive products.

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