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Factors That Hurt Your Car Exterior

Lack of maintenance ruins a car’s paint in the long run. However, it may be that many car owners do not know what things can damage it. For this reason, we have come up with a list of factors responsible for ruining the gloss and shine of your ride.

Pollution and Dirt

Exposure to the pollution and dirt gradually fades the paint color of an automobile. Dust and grime accumulations end up weakening the gloss and shine of its exterior paint. On top of that, in the monsoon season, dust particles mix with rain and other contaminators, which ultimately succeed in working off the etching paint.

Road Salts

things that ruin your car paintDuring winter or in very cold regions, road salts are used to prevent the roads from freezing. When this kind of salt remains long enough on your vehicle, it causes paint damage. Rust will appear, and soon you will have a dull look on your car.

Automotive Fluids

Fluids like brake fluid, battery acid, and gasoline, among others, if spilled on the car’s paint, end up staining or stripping it off.

Dirty Wash Accessories

Washing off your car with dirty wash accessories is always an enormous mistake. Dirty equipment causes some ugly swirl marks in no time.

Over-Exposure to Sun Rays

Constant exposure to the sun can decay the exterior color coating. The sun rays cause your vehicle’s paintwork to fade away. Your cars are no exception. If unprotected, the dash eventually starts to crack. Upholstery suffers as well, and heat from the sun will eventually cause them to discolor and fade.

As you can see, many things can damage the paint of your car. Now that you know them, you can protect your vehicle against these elements. There are many car accessories in the market specially designed for this purpose.

As always, if you need a professional car wash in Westminster, come to Mike’s Auto Spa. We look forward to cleaning your car and giving you more tips on how to keep your precious possession looking good for a long, long time!