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Clean Out Car Air Vents

Sat in your car and didn’t get the welcome from your A/C as always? If an unpleasant odor is coming out from your vehicle’s air vents, worry not! We show you how to prevent and eliminate that nasty smell from your car air conditioning system.

Causes of Bad Odors

Mildew Growing in the System

prevent bad odors in your ACIf you notice a smell like dirty socks, then what you are smelling is mildew and bacteria growing in the system. This is normally caused if your air conditioning has not been used for a long time. Also, running your AC only on re-circulate mode and not blowing the fan for around two minutes after turning it off and then shutting off the engine favors the growth of critter throughout the system.

Clogged Cabin Filter

The cabin filter purpose is to filter the air that makes its way into the cabin. Eventually, it becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and pollen, which creates conditions where mildew and mold can grow. Remove and replace the cabin filter with one that your car manufacturer recommends.

How to Prevent and Eliminate Bad Smells

  • Regularly switch between fresh air and re-circulated air to help dry out the interior of your car’s HVAC system.
  • Run the fan without the A/C on for two minutes before turning off the engine.
  • Spray a cleaner that uses enzymes through the fresh air intakes under the hood, or use a foaming system cleaner. Both of these cleaning methods should be performed by a professional.

Do not use common household cleaners, as most are just heavily perfumed, which only masks the smell.

If you need assistance cleaning your air conditioning system, bring your car to Mike’s Auto Spa. We have professional car detailers in Westminster that will get rid of that nasty smell coming from your car air vents.professional car detailers in Westminster

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