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A Guide to Safely Remove Gasoline Spills from Your Car

Whether it is that you are transporting gas cans, or you have accidentally spilled a few drops inside your car, gasoline smells are uncomfortable. While you get home to clean up the mess, you can drive with the windows down or get an air freshener from a convenience store to temporarily cover. Once you are home, follow the steps below to remove gasoline spills and odors from a car interior.

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Look inside the passenger space or carpeting in your trunk to spot the cause of the smell. Then, with the help of absorbent materials such as newspaper or paper towels remove the remaining damp gasoline. Remove any carpeting that was exposed to the gas, if possible.

Cleaning the Affected Area

Mix liquid dish detergent with warm water. You can also blend baking soda, with white vinegar, and hot water. Damp a clean rag into the solution and wipe down all the affected surfaces. Rinse with a second rag and repeat these steps at least three times.


remove gas odorsSprinkle odor-neutralizing substances like baking soda or baby powder onto the carpet and leave it for at least 12 hours. Vacuum the carpet. You have to repeat these tasks at least two times for the odor to disappear.

Finally, create a solution of warm water and liquid dish detergent. Dip a carpet bush in the mixture. Proceed by scrubbing the carpeted areas to help eliminate that nauseous smell.

The trick is to act quickly to prevent the smell of gasoline from lingering.

More Tips for Eliminating the Gasoline Odor

  • A mix of apple cider vinegar and a spray bottle may help to remove lingering odors. Also, leaving a shallow tray of vanilla extract inside your vehicle is another alternative to absorbing gas odors.
  • Leave the doors and windows of your vehicle open as long as you can, to let air circulate, causing the gasoline to evaporate quicker.
  • You can also buy specialized products like Ozium spray and Bad Air Sponge.

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