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Decluttering Your Car Interior

There is nothing more refreshing than starting a new year with a clean and good smelling car. Also, carrying unnecessary items around increases consumption of fuel and adds to the wear and tear of your precious possession.

Take advantage of the coldest days of the year to declutter your car. Our car detailing specialist shares with you some car decluttering and organizing tips.

Take the Rubbish Out!

The first job is to clear out anything that doesn’t belong in the car. Inspect the front for any lingering objects, and then go to the back. Remember to check underneath the seats.

Floor Matscar detailing

Remove the floor mats and vacuum them away from your car. Use a carpet cleaner to get rid of stubborn spills and stains. Simply apply it to the mats and wipe away with a damp cloth.

Door Pockets

You can transform the door pockets into a useful space. Fill an empty cleaning-wipes tube with plastic shopping bags for rubbish, wet umbrellas or muddy shoes and store them in the door pocket.

Glove Compartment

Take out the bills, those candy wrappings and any items that don’t belong in the glove compartment. This compartment should only hold important things, such as roadside assistance information, insurance, and registration documents.

Back Seats

detailing packages ColoradoKid’s books, food wrappers, and toys do not belong in the car. Utilize the back of the front seat for hanging and organizer all those items your kids love to use that pass time on every trip. There are many organizers in the market. We highly suggest those made of waterproof materials.

Decluttering your car will help you feel better and make the ride comfortable for your family and friends. Plus, you will save money on gas!

Mike’s Auto Spa can help you keep your car clean all year-round. Visit our website to learn about our amazing detailing packages in Colorado.