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Another Alternative to Detail Your Car

A clay has more applications than you can imagine. It is also used in the automotive industry to get rid of dirt without leaving behind some residue. Its non-abrasive formula is specially designed to lift the most stubborn and deeply-embedded muck.

The Science of Auto Detailing Clay

Experts recommend to clay your ride after a good car wash and before you apply other products like ceramic coating, glaze polish, paint sealant, or wax. Remember that bar claying your car means that you are rubbing the product on your vehicle’s paint things that you can not perceive. So, you must be careful and follow the expert’s recommendations. Other pollutants, such as tree sap or tar can also be safely removed from the paint by using this product.

Clay Bar Your Car Step by StepDetailing Clay Bars

Here is what you need:

A Clay Bar, a Clay Lubricant, and a Microfiber Towel.

Before you begin rubbing the panels, first apply the lubricant to help clay glide with ease.

Take half of the bar and knead it in your hands until you form a flat, round disc. With the panel lubricated, begin working with the clay bar using a back and forth motion across the area. From time to time, check if it has accumulated an excess of dirt. Flip and knead it again so just a clean side of the product is in contact with the paint. After you have worked on the whole section, remove excess lubricant with a microfiber towel. Finally, grab a plastic bag and check for spots you may have missed or need to redo.

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