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What is a Waterless Car Wash?

A waterless car wash is a dirt removal product formulated to eliminate a layer of light dust and contaminants safely. This car wash method is environment-friendly and easy to apply. It uses little to no water. Plus, it allows you to detail your car in minutes.

This is a method recommended to use a day or two days after a traditional wash. Waterless cleaning products are like quick detailers, loaded with cleaners and surfactants to help get rid off light contamination without damaging your vehicle’s finish. There are also some waterless wash products with a built-in wax that adds protection as you wash your vehicle.

Waterless Car Wash Step by Step

Waterless wash options are simple, quick and efficient. Here is how to use a waterless wash product on your vehicle.

  1. Mist the waterless wash product onto the dirty surface and let it sit for two minutes
  2. Using a plush microfiber towel, carefully wipe in one direction, any dirt or road grime off.
  3. Using another microfiber towel, buff away any streaks.
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until you clean the entire vehicle.

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For extra lubricity, you can mist the microfiber towel before wiping the dirty surface.

Keep in mind that this type of car wash does not replace traditional car washes. On heavily contaminated vehicles, opt for a two bucket wash or visit Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, Colorado.

Whether you need a full exterior car detailing, an interior detailing, a tree sap or bird droppings removal or a water spots treatment, bring your car to Mike’s Auto Spa. Our professional car detailer tackles any problem. We have the best car wash & detailing packages in Westminster, CO.need a full exterior car detailing

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