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Including Your Car!

Nowadays, with busy work hours, horrible traffic jams, and all the issues going on in our country and worldwide, life is hectic enough as it is without us needing to add more worries to the bag. Most of those stress-causing things are out of our control anyway, so it doesn’t do us any good to fuss about what we can’t change.

Stress free ride

What we can do instead, is focus on the things or aspects of life that are within our power to improve and that by making a positive change of attitude, habits, or way of thinking, will bring joy, abundance, and peace to our lives and those around us.

The beauty of those seemingly small changes is that the impact they create has a significantly positive result. Take cleaning out your clutter for example, as getting rid of all that extra stuff laying around in your home that you no longer need will help you feel lighter, less stressed, and even have more energy and sleep better.

As the trending organizing expert Marie Kondo recommends, the best way to get rid of unnecessary stuff is to pick up everything you own, ask yourself if it gives you joy, and if it doesn’t, thank it for its service and let go of it. That way, you end up being surrounded by only the things that bring you happiness, seriously improving your quality of life.

Decluttering Your Vehicle for a Safer Ride

Are you the type that drives around carrying the stuff from work plus three sweaters, a pair of shoes, your gym bag from a few days ago, some books or CD cases, and maybe even the forgotten packages of the fast food drive-thru you had the other day? Is your glove box compartment so full that it may bang open at the slightest bump?


We know it happens because we’ve seen it! But we are not judgemental; what we want instead is to help you clean out your vehicle inside and out, so you can focus on driving and enjoying the ride without the annoyance of all the clutter around you and your passengers.

A clutter-free car has many benefits, such as fewer distractions while driving, lower risk of getting hit by a flying object inside the car in case of an accident, and reduced stress levels during the ride thanks to a clean environment.

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we want you to stay safe on the road at all times and to enjoy driving a clean vehicle every day. Let us help you by taking care of washing your vehicle in Denver at both of our one-stop car wash shops in Lakewood or Westminster.