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Don’t Wait Until it is Too Late to Wash Your Car

Getting a car wash is not simply about a shiny coat. Your paint job is sensitive and needs to be cleaned whenever you notice bird droppings, dead bugs, tree sap or any other factors that may compromise the integrity of the paint. Don’t let your car resemble a dust-mobile because all the below things, when left for a long time, can do significant (if not permanent) damage to your vehicle’s paint job.  If you see these things on your car, get them off as soon as possible!

Tree Sap

tree sap can ruin your car paintA car parked under a tree maximizes the risk of covering your vehicle with a thick covering of sap. Such thick layered fluids, when dried hard, get tough to remove. Saps carry vital nutrients, water, and hormones throughout the tree wood but, they are incredibly sticky. Be cautious; any attempt to clean it off using the proper products will intensify the problem by spreading them to a wider area. Cleaning sap off of your car potentially scratches your car’s paint, so we suggest taking it to a professional car detailer to address the issue.

Water Spots

Exposure to rain or parking your car near an automated sprinkler leaves water spots on the exterior of your vehicle. The seemingly harmless water spots, if allowed to dry or bake on, will damage your paintwork in no time, calcium and metal being the most damaging ingredients. Remove them with hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

Bird Droppings & Dead Insects

Both bird poop and dead insects are inevitable and are acidic, meaning they will eat through the paint if not eliminated in time.

bird poop ruins your car paint

You can rely on a meticulous car detailing company like Mike’s Auto Spa in Colorado to make your vehicle shine again! We use environmentally friendly services help protect your car from all sorts of damages. Browse our website to find out which car wash or detailing package is best for you.