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Car Cleaning Common Mishaps

Washing your car without scratching the paint or leaving it looking dull or dirty requires specific actions. Our expert car detailers will share with you some practices you need to avoid when washing your car at home.

Not Removing Bug Splatter or Bird Droppings

Bug splatter, bird droppings and other kinds of animal poop are corrosive. That means the longer they stay on the car’s paint, the higher the damage can become. Remove them as soon as you can to keep the paint job of your car intact.

Using Dirty Car Cleaning Tools

Cleaning your car with a dirty cloth, towels or sponges do just the opposite of the result you want to achieve. Even when claying your car, you have to make sure you are using a dirt-free tool. Plus, using dirty things will not only leave your vehicle looking dull but will scratch the paint.

Applying Harsh Chemicals

Car Cleaning Common MishapsEqually damaging to car paint is washing it with harsh substances like dishwashing detergent or hand soap or any product containing ammonia. Don’t put at risk the integrity of the paint. Head to the closest convenient store and buy products specially designed for automotive purposes.

Using the Hose too Close or on High Power

The trick to properly clean your car with a pressure washer is keeping your distance. Also, we highly recommend choosing a pressure washer with a setting of 1200 – 1900 PSI.

Not Washing Your Car Regularly

If you love your car, the best way to keep it in pristine condition is by washing it on a weekly basis. Also, we recommend parking it in an open space, away from other vehicles or objects that you don’t want to get wet or damaged by cleaning products or water. Further, make sure you have access to an outlet so that you can power your electric washer.

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Hassle-Free Car Washing Services

You can always entrust your ride to the professional car detailers at Mike’s Auto Spa. We only use products appropriate for cars and the best cleaning methods. Please visit our website to learn more about our car wash services in Westminster, Colorado.