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Ways to Care for Your Car Paint

Over time, natural elements cause a car’s clear coat to peel prematurely. A peeling paint will mar the appearance of your beautiful vehicle, which not only will lower the resale value but, in the long run, will also result in costly repairs. That’s why we have brought you today four ways to prevent premature car clear coat peeling.

1. Be Cautious with Automated Car Washes

Some older car washes still use abrasive brushes, which are your vehicle paint’s worst enemy. The abrasive nylon brushes that rotate at high speeds can leave tons of scratches and swirl marks on the car’s finish. Instead, you can opt for an eco-friendly car wash or brushless car washing methods.

older car wash whit high speed brushes

2. Don’t Use Abrasive Car Wash Products

If you prefer washing your car by hand at home, don’t use detergents, harsh soaps, or other household cleaning solutions, as they contain strong chemicals that are harmful to the clear coat.

3. Remove Contaminants Before it’s Too Late

The accumulation of contaminants such as dirt, dust, and grime, plus the exposure to bird droppings and tree sap, just to mention a few, is inevitable. As soon as you can, remove them to avoid unwanted damages to the paint finish.bird droppings on car's surface

4. Install a Paint Protection Film

This product will provide extra protection from elements such as sand, rock chips, and particular weather conditions in Colorado, which are factors that contribute to car paint chipping and peeling.

It is best to leave the job to professional car detailers because when done incorrectly, it can cause substantial damage to the paint.

Lastly, do not forget to wax your car to add extra protection and prevent premature car clear coat peeling.

Adopting the above measures will save you from spending a fortune on clear coat fixes. Schedule an appointment with Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, Colorado, to have your car cleaned the right way!