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How to Get Your Car Through the Coming Winter Unscathed

Rust is one of your vehicle’s worst enemies. The damage can wreak havoc on body panels and even compromise the rigidity and strength of the car’s frame. Stop these issues from happening by properly taking care of your vehicle’s exterior and acting when symptoms begin to appear.

There are several things to keep rust at bay and get your car through the coming winter safe and sound.

1) Clean the Drains

wash your car in Denver during the winterYour vehicle has drains in different places, which are designed to keep water from accumulating in places that are more likely to rust. When they get plugged with dirt, leaves, pine needles, or any other kind of debris, they can’t do their job efficiently.

Find the drains in your car. They are usually along the bottom of the doors, on the floors, in the lower part of the fenders, and on the tailgate. Remove any foreign build-ups.

And don’t forget to do the same with the drains in your sunroof as well.

2) Wash Your Car

Eventually, dirt, mud, road salt, and sand will all add up to wear away the protective finish on your car. Your best defense is to keep it clean.

You can even wash your car at home or take it to a professional car wash shop like Mike’s Auto Spa. Try to bring your vehicle in once every two weeks, or after the roads are free of snow. It will add more years to the service life of your ride.

3) Take Care of the Inside

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We suggest investing in a quality set of rubber floor mats that shield the floors from all that water and road salts. Also, vacuum the interior regularly to keep sand and dirt from making its way through the carpet to the steel floor below.

4) Oil Undercoating

Undercoating the undercarriage of your car or truck will provide an additional layer of protection against the damaging effects of road salts. It covers most of the vehicle’s underside, including frame and suspension parts, floorboards, gas tank, mufflers and exhaust pipes, pans, and wheel wells.


Mike Auto Spa car wash in Westminster, Colorado is your best choice to help your car get through this coming winter!

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