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Which Is Better for A Scratch-Free Wash?

When it comes to washing your car by hand there are several items you would need to complete the task. Along with a bucket, clean water, and a gentle soap, you can even use a traditional sponge or a microfiber mitt to thoroughly spread the soap around. In this blog we share with you the characteristics of each product, so you can choose wisely.

Traditional Car Wash Sponge

Traditional Car Wash SpongeFor the longest time, many car owners just used traditional sponges to thoroughly wash their automobile. The reason behind this is because they are cheap and are easily washable and reusable. However, the flat face of a sponge is nothing else but a thread to your car paint finish.

Some of the contaminants that are stuck on the surface of the paint of your car are sharp. This means that if you place a sponge down on top of these particles, they become trapped between the face of the sponge and your paint job. With nowhere to go, you will inevitably drag those sharp grit particles straight across the paint leaving a thin hairline scratch as you ”clean”.

Microfiber Mitt

Microfiber MittAlternatively to sponges, there is the microfiber mitt. This product is made specifically for picking up microscopic particles and holding them within the fibers of the mitt until you rinse it off. Just make sure to get a quality car wash mitt to avoid the risk of dragging the dangerous particles across your paintwork, causing fine scratches and swirl marks as you wash.

In sum, a sponge is noted by many professional car detailers as one of the worst ideas in modern car care thinking. A traditional sponge simply proves inferior to the many products available today. So, reserve the sponge for the dishes and get your car mitts. Your vehicle will thank you five years from now.

Want to Get a Scratch-Free Carwash?

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