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Custom Truck Washes in Colorado

Have some dirt and grime stuck on your trucks paint that won’t come off with standard washing? Worry not! At Mike’s Auto Spa, we have a crew of professional vehicle detailers and all the equipment and supplies required for restoring your trucks amazing shine.

Truck Washing Equipment

Save money and valuable time with customized solutions for cleaning your truck. At Mike’s Auto Spa we carry the best truck cleaning supplies available in the market and have everything you need to keep your vehicle or vehicles looking like brand new all-year-round.

Truck Cleaning Supplies

Mike’s Auto Spa provides a complete array of truck cleaning products specifically designed to maximize cleanliness, efficiency, and value of your investment.

Pressure Washers

We have an array of pressure washers to tackle all jobs and all budgets.

Hybrid Washing

car wash services in ColoradoWe call it hybrid washing because we custom-wash your truck with our one of a kind process. Before you car enters the tunnel, we eliminate all harsh abrasive material found on your truck body surfaces by first using high-pressure water to remove all dirt and grime from the surface of your vehicle. We also offer handwashing and several detailing methods.

Truck Wash Specials

We offer a variety of memberships so that you can enjoy the discounts without the wait! Mike’s Auto SPA VIP Members can benefit from:

  • Birthday Wash – Premier Package
  • FiveStar Rewards card – Earn points toward free services
  • 11th wash Free – Premier Package
  • Senior Citizen Discount – 15% off all Services $8.00 & above
  • Military Discount – 15%  off all active, veterans, non-active
  • 72 Hour Clean Car Guarantee
  • Social Media Special Offers

Need to Clean Your Truck in Colorado?

Take advantage of our unique washes, to protect your vehicle from road grime and make it last a lot longer. Contact us today to speak with a truck washing specialist or browse our website to learn about our car wash services in Colorado.