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Classic Car Detailing Services in Denver

Every car owner knows that a classic vehicle needs detailing services specially tailored to this antique machine. That is why, here at Mike’s Auto Spa based in Denver, we offer several professionals detailing services, specially tailored to cleaning these cars.

Complete Detailing

This detailing service is perfect for those car owners who want it to look perfect both inside and outside. This means that a complete detailing service offers customers cleaning and protection from the rooftop to every square inch of the delicate upholstery. It is the best way to give your vehicle the factory shine again. A thorough but gentle process to ensure your classic car is protected against regular wear and tear.

Exterior Detailing Services

Every proud classic car owner knows that taking precautions to shield the paint job of these beautiful machines is paramount. Also, Denver weather can be cruel on your car exterior finish. Things like acid rain, bugs splatter, bird droppings, snow, and other external elements can all provoke severe damage. Worry not! At Mike’s Auto Spa we got you covered. With our unique exterior detailing we can shield your car from the elements.

Interior Detailing Services

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Interior detailing services for your classic car


If neglected, the interior of a car can deteriorate quickly. Don’t let this happen to you! We also offer the best interior detailing services in the area.


In sum, a complete car detailing will keep your classic cars amazing appearance longer. Exterior detailing will protect the car paint against the path of time. And interior detailing will complement the shiny look of the outside.

For more information about the detailing services we offer for classic cars, call Mikes’s Auto Spa at 303-460-3866. Or browse our website to learn about the best car wash packages in Denver.