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Professional Odor Eliminating Methods

The professional car washing & detailing industry uses several different methods as a final step to removing bad smells from vehicles. One method is an ozone deodorizing machine that can be left in the car for several hours – or overnight, if necessary. This device produces ozone gas that is comprised of unstable electrical molecules that are prompted to attach to other particles. When the unpleasant smelling particles of the odor adhere to the ozone molecules, the odor is neutralized. The other method is with a chemical device that generates similar results. A chemical system produces a chemical reaction that creates chlorine dioxide gas. This gas penetrates carpeting, plastics, and upholstery. The chlorine dioxide gas also has the advantage of disinfecting and sanitizing the entire vehicle in a lesser amount of time with excellent results. Unlike ozone, however, this method is not scent-free and does necessitate the car to be aired out afterward.Eliminate Bad Smells from Your Car

Note: While most air fresheners will mask or hide a smell, they do not treat the odor source.

Hire Professionals to Eliminate Bad Smells from Your Car

While it is possible to remove the odor yourself, it is much more time-efficient and cost-effective to have your car professionally detailed. At Mike’s Auto Spa, our expert detailing staff can correctly identify the odor coming from your car, meaning that we know how to treat it.

Mike’s Auto Spa has the tools to address the issue at hand. Our car detailers have access to chemicals and machines that the average public cannot purchase at a local auto parts store. Whenever treating a bad smell, we always use the correct chemicals and tools to eliminate the source of the odor.Car Wash Express

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