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Importance of Protecting Your Car from Sun Damage

If you are not careful enough, your vehicle’s resale value will be negatively affected by the suns UV rays. Your car paint and interior parts will look older in no time as they decolor and crack. Fortunately, there are several good habits you can follow to protect your car from the suns harmful rays.

Protect the Exterior

Wash the exterior of your car with the two bucket method often, do this task under a shaded area. This good habit will eliminate the paint-damaging materials. Dry your vehicle immediately after washing with a soft microfiber cloth before the water droplets evaporate and form unwelcome car cleaning & washing services in Colorado

Twice a year after a thorough washing, wax your precious possession with a high-quality wax product.

Waxing locks in the paints oils and serves as a shield against the suns UV rays. You can also opt for paint protection film products available that work like waxing while protecting your finish from the elements year-round.

Whenever you can, park your car in the shade. Not exposing your vehicles painted finish to direct sun rays will make it stay in great shape for longer. Also, avoid parking it under trees, and try keeping inside your garage, under a carport or other shady spot.

Protect the Interior

Park your car under a shelter to avoid direct sunlight from overheating your vehicle and cover your dash and other trim from its rays. Also, whenever possible leave your window open slightly so that heated air will escape to the outside.

Preventing UV Ray Sun DamagePut a sun shade inside your windshield. In this way, their reflective characteristics will reduce the heat from accumulating in your car, plus, this helpful car accessory will block the suns rays from reaching your dash, seats and other exposed areas.

Use seat covers to protect your fabric or leather seats from the sun.

Remove dirt, dust, food and other foreign particles from your dashboard, seats, trim and carpeting to keep them from getting baked into the material, leaving permanent stains. Vacuum out your car frequently, and then wipe down the inside with a clean microfiber cloth and auto detailing product.

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