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Five Helpful Tips for Washing your Car

Want to start the year with the right foot? Here are five helpful tips for washing your car like a pro in 2019.

Gather the Right Tools

The key factor to remember when finding the correct tools for washing your precious possession is to stay away from harsh products. Whether it is for the chemicals or its materials, you should never use dishwashing liquid, hand soap, or glass cleaner. There are products specially formulated to clean the paint of your car without damaging the original wax.

Find an Adequate Spot

The main idea is to perform this task in the shade. Never exposing your car to direct sun.

Always Use Fresh Water

Need help to clean your carUse two buckets of water. One for storing clean, soapy water, and another one with clean water for thoroughly rinsing out that filthy sponge. Avoid at all cost rinsing out a dirty sponge in the clean suds bucket.

Also, keep in mind that you should never clean the tires and wheels with the same sponge you have previously used for cleaning other parts of the car.

From the Top to the Bottom

We recommend car owners to wash their car by sections. Starting at the roof until you reach the wheels and tires last.

Dry It Properly

For drying your car, you have two options. Whether using one large microfiber towel or leave it to dry with the air.


This step is not mandatory, however, to provide the shiny effect you love, apply polish to your car. There are polishing products that can help to repair fine, light and minute defects.

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