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Common Car Wash Cloth Material

Deciding which washcloth to use in the car detailing process is critical to achieving the best results without damaging the vehicle’s paint. Not only do you need to use a good quality car washcloth, but it should also be correct material tailored to each task. From wiping the exterior of your vehicle to removing stains from your car seats, you will need a different washcloth. Here are the three most common car wash cloth materials you can use:

Chamois Wash Cloth

These towels are soft and absorbent they are very popular for drying purposes. However, using them to dry your car can take the wax off the car surface. This material doesn’t hold the dirt, so you will end up dragging the particles across the car’s finish. This will leave scratches and swirls on your car’s paint. It is best to opt for a quality microfiber towel to do this task.

Microfiber Towels

These towels are the best towels by excellence. They are extremely versatile and can be used in all areas of the detailing process. Featuring lint-free, absorbent, durable, and lightweight characteristics, no wonder why they have become the most popular towel in the detail industry. Use them to clean, dust and polish your ride. Just make sure you wash a microfiber towel correctly after each use. Plus, avoid putting chamois towels in the dryer as they will become useless.Microfiber Towels

Terry Cloth Towels

This type of car wash towel is durable and versatile. Don’t use them to dry your vehicle as they are not absorbent and leave behind a lot of lint. A new, clean terry cloth towel is better for waxing the car, as you can use it to apply wax before polishing off. Note that these towels need to be washed several times before use to become absorbent and get rid of lint that is common in a new terry towel.

Now that you know which washcloth to use on your vehicle, you can clean, dust, dry and detail your car, hassle-free.

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