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Free car washes in Denver

Our Give-Back Holiday Special Is On!

For many years now, December has traditionally been a gift-giving month. From Secret Santa all the way to Christmas gifts, the spirit of giving something to others is in the air. At Mike’s Auto Spa, we don’t want to see the game from the bench, so we’ve joined in the giving season!

During this month, we’ll have our Give-Back Promotion, which consists of a $5 coupon value for a Drip-N-Dry car wash, making all of your December car washes FREE!!! The best part is that the $5 value can also be applied towards any of our other wash packages.

The FREE Drip-N-Dry car wash includes:

  • Heated Low PH Foaming Soap
  • High-Pressure Wash
  • Top/Side Washer Wrap Cloth
  • High Pleasure Clean Rinse
  • Dri Bright Applied to All Surfaces

So, now there are no excuses to be driving around in a dirty car! Take advantage of this awesome promotion to keep your vehicle clean, fresh, and without road salts sticking to it during the winter.

Offer valid until January 31st, 2017. Must have the coupon for the discount to apply!

72 Hours Clean Car Guarantee

Exterior re-washed for free once after the original purchase with receiptFree car washes in Denver holiday promotion

All of our high-quality car washes include our own personal touch, fast service, vehicle prep for a better clean, and towel finish for a cleaner look. You can also enjoy additional discounts without the wait with our Club Memberships!

One-stop car wash shop

Focused on providing only the highest quality vehicle cleaning and care services with the best customer attention and prices in Metro Denver. Bring your vehicle to us for a complete car wash at any of our two locations, and we guarantee it will leave our facilities sparkling inside and out!