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Hand Washing Vs. Automated Car Washing

Both hand and automated car washing have their pros and cons, and there is even a “hybrid” washing process that begins with an automatic wash and ends with a hand touch-up. Every car owner must decide on their own which wash option is right for them, so we have put together essential information for you to understand what to expect from each car wash style.

Hand Washing

Hand Washing

Washing a vehicle by hand requires the time, tools, and energy needed to clean to shine. Even though it is a precise washing method, the scrubbing can scratch a car’s paint and clear coat, ruining the finish. Otherwise, the final result is usually deemed to be customized and perfect.

Automatic Car Wash Systems

The automated methods save time and hassle. Unlike traditional bristle-style car washes, automated systems now utilize soft brushes and clothes to ensure a superior clean without harming the vehicle’s paint. Automated Car Washing

This way of car washing gets to areas that are difficult to reach, such as the wheels, fenders and vehicle’s undercarriage, allowing for a complete clean of the vehicle. Car wash systems also allow for customization, allowing you to add services like a protective coating or waxing to your automatic car wash service to help save you some money and time. With in minutes, your car will have a like new shine.

New systems like those from Mike’s Auto Spa are more eco-friendly and efficient by reducing overhead costs, reusing and recycling water and conserving overall water usage.

An automated car wash system offers a quick, convenient alternative to washing your vehicle by hand.

Which is the Best Method?

Both methods! Automatic car washing provides a number of benefits and is ideal when you need a superior clean fast. However, hand washing remains the best option for certain luxury vehicles.

Hand washing is best when you want the attention to detail only a human being can provide, or if you want your car washed while you shop.

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