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Waxing Your New Vehicle

If you are wondering how long to wait before waxing your brand new car, we have brought you the answer today.

Waxing your brand new car is critical to preserving the value of your vehicle. Every vehicle owner wants to maintain their precious possession’s incredible looks for a long time.

The Misconception of New Vehicle CareNew Vehicle Care

A lot of car owners do not schedule their new vehicles for a touch-up and wax job until after all that newness has disappeared. Your car dealer would have prepared the vehicle properly for its first rides, but as you use the car more often, you will soon notice small, ugly things beginning to build up on top of the hood, in the crevices at the bottom of your windshield, and around the wheel wells. As a result, the natural beauty of your car is dulled.

For this reason, you may feel that you eliminate those things from your new ride soon after you have bought it. Do not hesitate; you can just go ahead detail, wash, and wax it.

When Should You Wax a Brand New Car?

If your car looks in dire need of a wash and some waxing, go for it. Remember that as soon as you start driving, everyday wear and tear will start to work on your vehicle, and dirt and grime will start building up, ruining the perfect new looks of your car.

As soon as you have time to invest in your ride, it is a good time to give your new possession a good claying and waxing. Doing so will protect the factory finish and extend that impressive showroom appearance.

Maintaining your car’s showroom-ready condition can be achieved by bringing your vehicle to Mike’s Auto Spa. We offer the best car wash deals in Westminster, Colorado. Call 303-460-3866 to schedule an appointment!