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Things We Tend to Forget When Washing a Car

In a previous post, we talked about common mistakes when washing your car. Now, we are going to focus on the more detailed aspects that we tend to forget.

Not Drying Your Car

If your car is still wet after washing it and take it out for a ride, all you will get is nasty water spots. So if time has been invested in hand-wash your vehiclethen dry it off first. Doing so will pay off the effort, and your ride will look nice and clean for longer.

common mistakes when washing your car

Forget to Carry a Towel in Your Door Pocket

Having a clean cloth handy will help you outsmart water traps. For example, when rolling down the windows for the first time after the wash, some hidden water from inside the door will usually be released and run down the sides of the vehicle. With a towel, you can quickly wipe it off before it has a chance to leave stubborn streaks on your ride’s paint job.

Not Cleaning the Interior

You will end up with a clean exterior, but a mess inside. Don’t forget to dust the dashboard and instrument clusters. That dust might not be apparent when your whole car is dirty, but it will be evident if you clean everything else and forget that particular area.

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle involves tossing out those fast food wrappers, vacuuming the carpets, steam cleaning the upholstery, or using some cloth or leather cleaner on the seats, just to mention a few.

Upholstery steam cleaning

Neglect Cleaning The Trunk

Forget to care for the trunk liner, if your car has one. However, items can get trapped under it, usually debris from whatever you have been hauling in the trunk. Scrubbing the liner would probably not be necessary, but a quick vacuuming will help.

Stay tuned for more information about bad car washing habits.

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