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Understanding Car Interior Bad Odors

We all have been there, one day you get into your car and notice a strange smell. There are many things that can cause nasty smells in your vehicle. So, if the air turns funky, here is a list of common bad smells and their possible causes:

Musty-Like Odor

Bad Odors in Your CarA musty smell is a typical symptom of mold or mildew that has developed in the A/C system. So, when you turn on the a/c and notice this unpleasant odor, get your hands on it. Run the fan at high speed with the air conditioning off to get rid of the smell.

Also, the same smell can come from carpets that get wet when water leaks into the interior. Just take them out and let them air-dry.

Sweet Smell

Sweet is not always good. When it comes to your car, a sweet, syrupy odor, means antifreeze is leaking. Have your cooling system checked by professionals, because breathing antifreeze isn’t good for you.

Rotting Fruit Smell

Evidently, you or your passengers have left behind perhaps an apple or a banana. Look under the seats for any decomposed fruits or on the carpet.

Tobacco Odor

Eliminate Bad Odors in Your Car

Cigarette smoke smell can get stuck everywhere. From the wheel to the dashboard and upholstery. Clean the whole interior of your car, including mats and seat covers, and put in some natural deodorizer to freshen the air once you are done with the cleaning.

Dangerous Smells

Burning-like odors (oil leak), rotten eggs (catalytic converter issues), and electrical smells (short circuit in an electrical component) represent a hazard to your safety and health. The only way to eliminate these odors is by cleaning the affected area as soon as you can. Not only will it make the interior air smell normal, but will keep you and your passengers safe and reduce the health risk associated with nasty smells.

If you need help eliminating bad odors from your car, you can rely on Mike’s Auto Spa experts. With our car wash & detailing packages, your car will smell brand new again.