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Protect Your Car Against Contaminants

Keeping your car clean in winter will help you prevent rust under your vehicle and keep ice off your windshield. Once winter kicks in, you should wash it every other week. Here are some tips for washing your car during the cold months.

Car Hand Wash at Home

To wash your car at home, grab two buckets and pour in warm water. Rinse the car with this water to melt away contaminants like road grimes. Next, with the help of mild soap or a product specially designed be used on vehicles, handwash your ride carefully. Start from the top to the bottom. Never use dishwashing soap as it can strip off the protective coat that was sprayed on by the manufacturer.

Power Wash

Before you begin power washing your car, spray water into as many nooks and crannies as you can find to help loosen salt and road crud that tends to build-up in those areas.

tips for washing your car during winterAvoid doing this job when the temperature is excessively cold because not only will your hands quickly become numb, but the water will immediately freeze onto the surface of your vehicle and you will be driving around with frozen windows. Plus, de-icing your windows will be harder if you do the task when it’s below 32 degrees.

Preferably, select a day when the temperature is in the high 30’s or low 40’s. Washing on a less cold day guarantees that the power windows won’t freeze, and your defrosters won’t have to work harder to de-ice the glass surfaces.

Take Your Car to the Professionals

The professional car detailers at Mike Auto Spa can help you with washing and detailing your car throughout the winter in Colorado. They can also show you where ice and snow like to hide so you will know where to look when you wash your car at home. Call us at +1 303-460-3866 to find out how we can help.professional car detailers in Colorado