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Reasons to Get Your Car Windows Tinted

Besides being an effective way of reducing the amount of ultraviolet rays that enter a car, window tinting presents more benefits that many car owners may not know.

1.      Reduce Risk of Accidents

Car window tint basically keeps the sun out of your eyes and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light. This is very convenient during the winter months when the sun is low on the horizon.

2.      Added Privacy and Protections

Since the windows are opaque to the outsiders, tinted windows provide a level of privacy for you, as well as your belongings when you are not around.

benefits of tinted windows3.      Upholstery Protection

Upholstery can suffer severe damage in a few short years due to constant exposure to the heat and UV rays from direct sunlight. Car tint prevents your interior car parts, like the dash, from getting hot enough to crack, fade, or warp, and blocks a considerable amount of harmful UV rays from entering.

4.      Shatter Proofing

If any unexpected accident happens on the road, tint helps to hold broken glass together and keep it from becoming a flying hazard in an accident. Thus, it protects those inside from being injured.

5.      Temperature Control

With the right window tint, you can reduce the heat inside your car during the intense summer months by up to 60%. Plus, you can easily control the climate for everyone’s comfort and avoid air conditioning overuse.

6.      Staying Healthy

Direct sunlight and the associated UV rays will not only damage the car’s interior but your skin’s health. There are quality car tint films that block 99% of UV rays, so you will be protected against damages to your skin and accelerated aging.

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we not only want to keep your car clean but keeping you safe. Also, remember that tinted windows need special care. We have the knowledge to wash tinted car windows. We offer the best car wash packages for all your car needs and budget.

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